Why Giriraj Agro & Natural Honey Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store your honey once the jar has been opened?

Most people keep their honey at room temperature as refrigeration is not necessary. If you like your honey thicker, the fridge is your best bet. Most raw honeys will crystallize over time; cooler temperatures can speed this process.

What is the shelf life of honey? Does it expire?

No, honey will never spoil and has even been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Why does the honey look like there are two different layers?

The honey is starting to crystallize and become lighter, which is natural and happens to all raw honey.

My honey has crystallized, what should I do?

Warm some water and set your jar in it for a warm-water “bath”. To preserve the rawness of unheated honey, keep the water below 95°F, which is the highest temperature we've recorded in bee hives.

Are your products free of pesticides and chemicals?


Do you treat your bees humanely?

We treat our bee friends as humanely as possible and keep our interference in their lives to a minimum.

Do you use antibiotics in your honey?

No, our bees are healthy and antibiotic free!!

Giriraj Agro & Honey Products provides you with honey in its purest form of nature. So, let’s have a look! A Glimpse into the Specification of Our Pure Honey

Unadulterated honey

We do not add any additional substances while manufacturing our products which may reduce their purity.

Health-boosting benefit

This pure honey is obtained with minimal processing by our professional beekeepers. Due to this it retains all its medicinal and herbal properties and acts as an instant energy booster for your body.

All products are NMR tested

Any type of additional contaminants like artificial additives, preservatives, and pesticides that destroy the quality of honey is detected in this test. By passing this test our products create another layer of purity.

Ethical Extraction

Our professional beekeepers extract the honey ensuring a sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature.