Giriraj Agro & Natural Honey Products

From Nature to Your Doorstep

Giriraj Agro & Natural Honey Products

From Nature to Your Doorstep


Using our Honey the Finder window, you may choose honeys based on flavour and location.


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How to Support Pollinators

Why are pollinators so important? What’s the buzz with all those species? And what exactly do they need from us humans?  Well, to put it simply, pollinators like bees, birds, butterflies and bats help plants reproduce and keep our environment diverse.

The Real Reason We Need Pollinators

Most kinds of animal activism involve us humans giving something up.

Does Honey Expire?

Well, does it? No, not really.

What Are the Diffrence Between Regular and Giriraj Agro & Natural Honey Products?

Regular Honey

Giriraj Agro & Natural Honey Products

Raw Organic Honey

Giriraj Honey


Giriraj Agro & Honey Products are proud to serve as a trusted honey exporter, delivering our exceptional products to customers around the world. We have established strong partnerships with international distributors and logistics experts. We ensure timely delivery and maintain the quality and freshness of our honey throughout the shipping process.


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Giriraj Agro and Natural Honey Products

From Nature to Your Doorstep


    We provide various sizes and types of packaging to satisfy the needs of our customers for their convenience. Please see the collection of our package designs below.


    Glass Jar

    Glass jars that we supply are available in two different varieties: one with a clip lock cap and one with a standard one. You can choose from a variety of attractive designs for the glass jars we supply. We have a minimum quantity of 28 grams and a maximum quantity of 1350 grams. We offer a minimum of 4 to 48 case packs in glass jars in our glass jar packing.

    Pet Jar

    There is also a pack of Pet Jars that we offer. It is lightweight and continent which is why we offer pet jars. A minimum amount of 125 grams and a maximum amount of 1000 grams are available. With our pet jar packaging, we offer a minimum of eight to forty-eight case packs of product per package.

    Squeeze Pack

    Kids love our squeezable honey in all sorts of fun shapes! Choose from our selection of squeezable honey in a variety of sizes and shapes. The squeezable honey pack is not just what your little one needs but also all age group needs to satisfy their sweet tooth! The most popular size is 227g, but if you’re looking for something larger, we also carry 1000gms!


    Super easy to carry! Additionally, we offer a sachet pack of our product as well. You have the option to choose between 10 grams, 15 grams, and 20 grams.


    Blisters are one of our packaging options. Nowadays, people prefer blisters due to their convenience. We offer blisters weighing between 15 grams and 25 grams.

    Institutional Range

    From 20kg to 35kg, we offer a variety of different types of honey containers and tubs as part of our institutional range.

    Bulk Range

    Honey can be purchased in bulk packages weighing between 8kg , 350kg, 1450 kgs.