Wholesale packaging

We provide various sizes and types of packaging to satisfy the needs of our customers for their convenience. Please see the collection of our package designs below.

For 30 kg

From 20kg to 35kg, we offer a variety of different types of honey containers and tubs as part of our institutional range.

For 290 kg

Metal Honey Drums: Similar to plastic drums, metal drums provide a robust packaging solution for bulk quantities of honey. They offer excellent durability and protection during storage and transportation. Metal drums usually have a capacity ranging from 100kg to 300kg and are available in different designs, such as open-top drums or drums with removable lids.When selecting containers for 200kg of honey, ensure that the chosen containers are suitable for food-grade storage, comply with relevant safety regulations, and are designed for honey’s specific storage requirements.

For 1050 kg

IBC Totes: Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are another option for packing large quantities of honey. These containers have a capacity ranging from 500kg to 1,000kg or more. IBC totes are made of sturdy plastic or metal and are equipped with palletized bases for easy handling. They often feature a valve or spigot for controlled dispensing of the honey.

When selecting containers for 1450kg of honey, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, food-grade materials, ease of handling, and compliance with safety regulations. Additionally, assess the logistics and transportation requirements for moving such large quantities of honey to ensure proper handling and delivery.