Quality assurance

When it comes to purity, the name of

Giriraj Agro & Natural Honey Products

Honey comes first is known for its medicinal and herbal benefits. But today’s adulterated world has made even a health-boosting product like honey harmful. That’s why our only aim is to deliver Honey in its purest form to you doorstep. We understand that our customers expect nothing less than the finest honey products. We are dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage of the way.

FSSAI-Certified Organization

We are proud to be FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certified. This certification is a testament to our commitment to following strict food safety and quality standards. All our products have come true on many parameters of the food quality test of FSSAI. Any food item that harms our body is identified in this test. The Government of India does not allow such organizations to sell their products in the market. This certificate is given only to those who follow the food safety regulations. That’s why our being FASAI certified assures you that you can rely on our purity and integrity.

NMR Testing

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Test is a highly advanced test, in which the products are tested on many parameters. In this test, we know all about adulteration, scanning quality, and authenticity of honey. Contaminants that destroy the quality of honey are detected in this test. Intertek Laboratory established in Germany mainly conducts NMR tests and closely checks the purity of Honey. All our products are NMR tested, which shows that we do not tamper with the purity of Honey in any way. Our product reaches your doorstep in its purest form of nature.


We consider quality to be more significant than quantity.

Our Honey’s superior quality is the result of our dedicated efforts, thoughtful planning, and deft execution.

Our in-house lab is a cutting-edge and well-equipped setup, equipped with some of the most cutting-edge honey testing tools, including Randox, Evidence Investigator, and Chemwell Automated Elisa Reader. We have a group of highly trained scientists and professionals who thoroughly examine honey in accordance with National and International standards (FSSAI & BIS). The finished items are delivered to the German laboratory Intertek for final certification and approval after passing rigorous testing.

Here are some of the standouts and characteristics of the activities at our lab:

  • Quality, purity, and identity of honey are examined using AOAC procedures.
  • Analysing residues for pesticides and antibiotics For their name, we do pollen counts on all unifloral honey.
  • A comprehensive and in-depth commercial analysis is performed, including the F/G ratio, HMF, diastase, and sugar profile.
  • Both raw and finished products are subjected to microbiological testing, which includes yeast and aerobic plate counts.
  • We monitor quality consistently and with tenacity. This entails paying special attention to details like flavour, wetness, and colour.