Pure Natural Raw Honey

At Giri Raj Agro & Natural Honey Products, we provide 100% raw, natural, and unprocessed honey. Being FSSAI certified organization, we keep the quality and purity of Honey our first priority. This product of ours has come true on many parameters of the food quality test of FSSAI. This product of ours comes directly from the hive.

Benefits of using our Pure Natural Raw Honey product

  • Our pure natural honey is a reasonable source of antioxidants. Using it nourishes relief for many diseases.
  • Our product contains many vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, etc. which boost our immunity system
  • It also contains Antibacterial and antifungal properties that are fruitful for our health.
  • ...
  • This product of ours is made in its purest form by extracting it directly from the hive, due to which it also works very well in healing wounds.
  • Many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are found in honey which make it curative. Dextromethorphan is a component of this which acts as a cough suppressant. Taking this honey with black pepper gives instant relief from a cough.s.
  • Its daily use provides you instant energy, as well as keeps your digestive system healthy. Because it acts as a catalyst in the process of our digestions.
  • • It also acts as an anti-bacterial toner and skin moisturizer, with the help of which it removes our dead skin cells and provides a radiant glow on the face.s.
  • Product Description

    Today’s adulterated world has made even a healthy and beneficial product like honey harmful. Because now honey products are being sold in the market which is completely highly processed with heat and filtration. It destroys the healthy and beneficial properties of honey. That’s why we provide unprocessed and natural honey to maintain your health and the natural quality of honey which is directly extracted from the hive without any heat and filtration. This product of ours is NMR tested.