Lemon Honey

This product of ours is carefully collected from the finest orchards,
known for their vibrant flavor and invigorating aroma. The lemons are carefully handzested to grab the essence of their zesty citrus notes. This product of ours is NMR tested.

Benefits of using our Pure ginger Honey product

  • This Honey is rich in nutrients like Phosphorus, Calcium, Vitamin C, B complex, and Magnesium. Therefore, it strengthens the immunity system to protect our body from infection
  • Consuming this honey with warm water, removes constipation and keeps the digestion process right. Also, it flushes out the digested food and toxins from the body.
  • Citrate is found in abundance in lemon. When someone consumes it regularly, the amount of citrate in his urine increases. Due to this, our body is less prone to kidney stones
  • ...
  • This Honey stimulates the production of digestive juices which improves our digestion. It is also very effective in symptoms like bloating and indigestion. The acidity of lemon juice also assists in breaking down food.
  • Lemon honey is a natural, refreshing, and health-enhancing combination. It can uplift mood, increase energy levels, and promote overall well-being.
  • Product Description

    We are well known for maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability in our Flavored Honey. It is produced from single-source flower nectar. We do not employ any kind of artificial additives, preservatives, and pesticides. Lemon is a good digestive; it keeps your digestion healthy. And when our proficient beekeepers skillfully combine pure lemon zest with premium honey, its quality is further enhanced.