Pure Coriander Honey

This Honey is extracted from the nectar of coriander flowers which is renowned for their delicate fragrance and medicinal properties. We do not add any kinds of additional substances which destroy their purity. This product of ours carries the essence of this aromatic herb.

Benefits of using our Pure Coriander Honey product

  • Vitamin A is found in abundance in it, which keeps the retina of our eyes healthy. As well, it protects our vision by keeping the eyes moist.
  • Vitamin K present in it works to repair our bones and keeps us safe from problems like osteoporosis. Its regular consumption also reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Its antioxidant properties work to remove free radicals present in our body by fighting them.
  • ...
  • • Its anti-inflammatory properties cure inflammatory diseases like arthritis and its antiseptic properties work to cure mouth ulcers.
  • This product of ours is good for your digestive system. Consuming it regularly keeps liver functions healthy and promotes bowel movement.
  • Product Description

    Giri Raj Agro & Honey Products, being a valuable and FSSAI-certified brand, is committed to maintaining the purity of our flavored honey and its medicinal and herbal properties. It carries the essence of this aromatic herb. It has a unique golden amber color and delicate fragrance that shows its pureness. It flushes excess sodium from the body as well as controls blood pressure. During the whole process of making it, no such substance is added which destroys its beneficial properties. Our products are NMR tested and this is the true proof of its purity.